Why should I sell Bag Clips for my fundraiser?

No matter who you're selling to, they need Bag Clips. Clips can be used for anything from fertilizer, seed, ice melt, to feed bags. Any given household typically uses 1-5 clips, and always find new uses for their clips. Our clips are proudly manufactured right here in KC, and can be personalized with your brand.   

When is the best time to fund raise?

All year round! Clips can be utilized in the Summer and Spring for regular gardening or farming purposes, and especially in the Fall and Winter for ice melt and rock salt bags. Any region or season, you can fund raise wih Bag Clips! 

How much do I make per Clip?

You have the choice of selling price, so you choose your profit margin. Your fundraising representative will be there to advise you on the best price to reach your personal fundraising goal!

Do I sell by the Clip or case?

Bag clips are sold in full cases with 20 clips per case, but are sold to customers individually. 

How long will it take receive my order?

After your sale has ended and you've gathered your orders, you can call or email your representative with your totals and coordinate a specific delivery date.  Allow 2-4 weeks typically (slightly longer for custom printed clips) .  Your invoice will be sent via email or mail.

Who makes the Bag Clips and where are they made?

Bag Clips are a product of Handy Camel, a product manufacturing company based in Kansas City.  The clips are made right there in Kansas City as well.  With one foot on the steps of innovation, and another on the steps of inspiration, the Handy Camel strives to bring you some of the most brilliant and innovative products you’ve seen!

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